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One platform for enterprise carbon data management and reporting

    Carbon Accounting
    Leak Detection
    Inventory Management


    • Proposed disclosure requirements will increase scrutiny, making auditability and transparency of data even more critical.

      Understanding when changes were made and who made them will ensure transparency during audits and verification processes.

    Flexibility / Framework Selections

    • Different emission calculation frameworks may require different methodologies.

      Iconic Air makes it easy to set up multiple calculation methods and compare the results side-by-side.

    Complex Operating Scenarios and Regulatory Reporting

    • Oil and gas operations are complex. Exceptions to normal operating scenarios can be handled easily by making simple adjustments in the Iconic Air platform.

      Complex regulatory requirements can also be difficult to manage. Iconic Air helps by selecting the correct emission calculations and citations based on user input values.

    Visibility into Emissions Data

    • Iconic Air helps you gain immediate visibility into your carbon data.

      Whether data is uploaded via spreadsheet or fed in via direct integration with another source, emissions are immediately available in Iconic Air's Data Stream view.

    Managing Equipment Data

    • Capturing necessary information to estimate your equipment's emissions under regulatory reporting programs and voluntary disclosures is critical.

      Iconic Air's out-of-the-box, equipment-specific parameters capture the fields necessary for regulatory programs and can be used to derive an "improved" bottom-up inventory for voluntary disclosures.

      All of these can be captured seamlessly through the user interface or through the equipment data upload templates. We work with customers to integrate their third party asset inventory software.

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