Know, when others guess

Iconic Air is a high resolution, near real-time emissions mapping and analytics solution.
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Monitoring the world's emission with cutting edge mapping and analytics solutions.

Leak Detection

Oil and Gas companies can identify exact leak locations at each facility and reduce PR risk across all assets.

Emissions Reporting

High emitting industrial organizations can automate emissions reporting and align their program with environmental sustainability metrics.

Point Source Mapping

Defense agencies can protect personnel health by visualizing uncontrolled emissions at bases and potential toxic threats on the battlefield.

Who uses our product?

Oil and Gas

Leak Detection and Repair Managers can process emissions data and get better actionable insights faster than ever before.

High Emitting Companies

Air Quality Engineers can save time and money by aggregating facility data within Iconic Air's platform for compliance or ESG reporting.

Department of Defense

Defense groups can protect personnel health by quickly visualizing potential threats to soliders on the battlefield or within a base.
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