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Driving Sustainability in Oil and Gas

From OOOOa to AWP and everything in between. Iconic Air manages all your OGI data and provides facility-level insights giving you 100% confidence you're in compliance and achieving sustainability goals at a price you can afford. Method 21 coming soon!


An Orchestrated 

All-in-One solution

Data Gathering and Access

  • Leak data available same day

  • Easy to view OOOOa + AWP video clips and pictures

  • Access walking paths, P&ID, and additional site files

  • Accounts for operators, leadership, and maintenance

Reporting and Recordkeeping

  • "1 click" reporting (state and federal)

  • Export directly for Power BI 

  • Facility GPS mapping of leaks (makes auditing easy)

    • Optional: Import updated drone imaging 

Operations Benefits

  • Open and transparent communication

  • Overlay years of survey data for better site analysis

  • Component failure rate tracking


What are the advantages of our

Environmental Solution?

Automated sustainability reporting built by ESG energy consultants

Easy to integrate new and existing datasets

(i.e. satellite, drone, and IoT data)

Leverage information between business units 

Reduce downtime of operations with maintenance forecasting

Built in LDAR Software that communicates across business units


How do we cooperate?

Our mission is to help drive sustainability in Oil and Gas by providing an all-in-one Environmental HUB.


We provide 24/7 around the clock support and a tech integration team who are ready to train at a moments notice.


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