Case study

System of Intelligence for a Carbon-Neutral Operator

The Challenge

An US oil and gas exploration company has committed to being a carbon neutral energy producer. Achieving this goal required robust GHG emissions tracking and reporting capabilities, effective decarbonization planning and communications tools, and a viable quality control and assurance process.


This operator has a strong culture of operational excellence, sustainability, safety, innovation, and shared community values. The company’s emission reduction plan, which is part of a comprehensive sustainable value creation strategy, involves:

  • Tracking & implementing emissions reduction projects
  • Optimizing a multi-million ton carbon offset portfolio
  • High-resolution GHG performance reporting to internal and external stakeholders
  • Transparent, auditable data to underpin its methane certified natural gas
Scope 1 GHG Emission
1.25 mt of CO2e
Oil and Gas Production
Total Wells

The Solution

The operator chose Iconic Air's Emissions Intelligence platform as part of its ongoing commitment to be a carbon-neutral oil and gas producer. The operator recognized that through an intensive, continued focus on accurately measuring and reporting, it can optimize expenditure related to its carbon neutrality commitment.

Iconic Air supports the company’s near-real-time emissions management initiative, which boasts a multi-year investment in certified voluntary carbon offsets.

The Iconic Air platform provides the operator with robust data validation and visualization tools, thus greatly enhancing its carbon management operational effectiveness. The company believes access to high-quality data is the key to understanding and implementing innovative approaches to reducing emissions.

The Result

Iconic Air Emissions Intelligence platform has equipped the operator with forward-looking emissions aggregation and reporting capabilities. Thus, facilitating progress assessment on emissions reduction projects and offset portfolio optimization.

Today, the operator can effectively monitor, proactively manage, and transparently report on its carbon reduction projects.

Through its partnership with Iconic Air, the operator has solidified its carbon neutrality commitment, as it continues to successfully execute on its sustainable value creation strategy.

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