Case study: Steward energy

Digitizing Documentation for Environmental Compliance

Steward Energy is an independent exploration and production (E&P) company engaged in the exploration, development, and acquisition of oil and gas properties located in the Permian Basin.

The Challenge

Emissions management and leak detection documentation have been inconsistent and fragmented.

As a result, substantial time has been spent collating, cleaning, and verifying data for compliance reporting. New emissions management rules in New Mexico, along with proposed US EPA regulations, will continue to add to this documentation burden.

Voluntary LDAR & Flare inspections on handwritten sheets with no consistent repair record
No ability to aggregate media leak record
Third -party holds OOOOa LDAR data
AVO documented in production reporting program comment field with no repair record
Poor visibility and availability for data requests, audits, and calculations
Manually time consuming to document and report


Private equity-backed, Permian basin operator Steward Energy II, LLC [“Steward Energy”], has grown materially since its inception in 2015.

Steward Energy operates assets in New Mexico and Texas and is subject to newly promulgated New Mexico rules such as the Ozone Precursor Rule and Natural Gas Waste Rule along with current EPA OOOOa and Subpart W regulations.

The Solution

Responding to regulatory requirements, Steward Energy adopted Iconic Air’s Emissions IntelligenceTM platform to improve its leak survey documentation and record-keeping, while streamlining its GHG emissions reporting.

Furthermore, Steward Energy deployed Iconic Air’s mobile application across all its assets for enhanced methane leak surveying. Thus, harnessing the full spectrum of Iconic Air’s carbon management, reporting, and visualization feature set.


The Result

By choosing Iconic Air, Steward Energy increased the frequency and accuracy of its GHG emissions monitoring and reporting.

This has prepared Steward Energy to comply with new and evolving environmental regulations, in addition to enhancing the company's voluntary leak surveillance capability – all without having to increase headcount or consultant spend.

Improving Record-keeping & Documentation
  • Centralized LDAR, AVO, and flare inspections
  • Data gathering of production, electrical use, fuel use, etc.
  • Accessibility for data requests, Audits, and calculations
Preparing For New Regulations
  • EPA OOOOb, OOOOc, and EPA
  • Subpart W NM Precursor Rule – increased surveying, shorter repair window, GHG calculations and reductions
  • Private Equity ESG documentation
Streamline Reporting
  • Automated GHG calculations with tank battery level carbon footprint
  • Quick access to Subpart W and OOOOa reporting
  • Access to inspection-level LDAR, AVO, and flare inspection data

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