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The Impact of Climate Disclosure on Company Valuation

Climate communications can impact your company’s valuation.

The Impact of Climate Disclosure on Company Valuation

Climate communications can impact your company’s valuation.

Demystifying Avoided Emissions, Part 2

Avoided emissions represent the reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that occurs as a result of the deployment of a solution (product or service) with inherently lower emissions than the current business-as-usual solution.

Demystifying Avoided Emissions, Part 1

Companies may look to report avoided - also known as “Scope 4” or “comparative” - emissions when they find they are limited by only reporting Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse (GHG) emissions.

Managing Methane: Don’t Let Money Just Leak Away

Modernizing a leak detection program is one of the fastest ways to improve your emissions and your bottom line.

Green Due Diligence: Assessing Environmental Concerns in M&A for Oil and Gas

Although the oil and gas industry has enjoyed a record financial run since the COVID-19 pandemic, the tightening of capital has led to more deliberate activity in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and greater scrutiny of environmental performance metrics.

Zero chance of achieving Zero Routine Flaring? Think again.

Zero Routine Flaring (ZRF) pledges are becoming more prevalent, but do most energy companies even know how much and when they are flaring? Here are three ways to accurately report and reduce emissions from flaring.

Carbon Accounting in Oil & Gas: Scarier than the IRS Tax Codes?

Carbon accounting has become increasingly important as operators seek to reduce their carbon footprint, turn cost centers into revenue, and comply with regulations.

3 times the O&G industry successfully implemented sustainability-linked financing 💳

Many oil and gas operators are looking to differentiate themselves by taking on financing tied to auditable sustainability goals. We outline three times when energy companies used sustainability-linked financing to drive positive change.

Less Money, Better Metrics 🧮

The bear market is back and investment bulls are going into hiding. However, energy is up and we are hearing from operators that those that get cleaner and leaner will come out ahead.

Fragmented Datasets Could Cost You Big 💰

You might be operating with an incomplete picture.

Emissions Compliance Software Doesn’t Perform 🥱

Environmental compliance software is designed for binary outputs - are you in or are you out of compliance? This isn't the best tool for improving emissions performance.

How to Communicate Net Zero to 3 Key Groups

Your net zero messaging will have more impact if you follow these principles.

4 Pillars for a Credible Net Zero Journey

The path to net zero can challenge even the most responsible company. Establish credibility and tackle your Net Zero goals with these 4 pillars.

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